Schwarz Supply Solutions CORE CAPABILITIES

Custom Reporting

We support each customer with a variety of reporting capabilities. Reports are available by location, region, and corporate contact, based on security access defined by each client.

We provide standard and customized reports to meet the requirements of each individual customer. Our Web-based reporting allows our customers the ability to access numerous online reports all hours of the day, every day of the year.

  • Enterprise Reporting allows each corporate contact, region, and location to design and produce ad hoc reports on demand
  • Summary Reports include data on trends, sales comparisons, and month-end balances
  • Inventory Reports indicate quantities on hand, open purchase orders, inventory valuations, and replenishment activity
  • Performance Reports provide order accuracy and fill rates, order detail, and shipping detail
  • Standard Reports can be designed based on specifications provided by each customer
  • Customized Billing and Invoicing to meet customer-specific requirements

E-Commerce & Integrated IT Services
Web Ordering & Tracking

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